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Our Programs

Explore our programs for parents, caregivers, children, teens, and health professionals. Whether you're interested in managing pain or stress, enhancing focus, or improving communication skills, we would like to support you.  Join us as we create a more mindful hospital together.

Programs for Health Professionals

A regular practice can help manage stress, promoting overall well-being and enabling you to deliver high-quality care with compassion and clarity.  Mindfulness can help health professionals show up for their patients and families with empathy, compassion and presence.  Mindful practice in health care can enhance the quality of care provided and support health professional well-being.

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays are weekly, twenty-minute virtual drop-in mindfulness sessions open to any staff at BC Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital and PHSA. The sessions are held on Thursdays from 12:35 – 12:55pm. Thankful Thursday sessions are informal and peer-facilitated by members of the BC Children’s Hospital Centre for Mindfulness Council. 
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Mindful Healing

Mindful Healing is an in-person, eight-session in mindfulness course for health professionals that teaches formal and informal mindfulness skills. The goal of this program is to impact, enhance, and support quality of caring, and clinician well-being. 

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Professional Development & Mentoring

The Centre for Mindfulness (the Centre) provides opportunities for health professionals to learn to facilitate mindfulness programs and sessions.. We recognize that mindfulness teaching and facilitating and program development is a lifelong continuing journey, and practitioners at every level of experience can learn with each other with “beginner’s mind.”

Programs for Parents and Caregivers

Family life can be super stressful at times, there’s no doubt about it!

Mindfulness can be a powerful remedy to parenting stress and can increase our ability to cope. With mindfulness we can respond skillfully to what is needed in the moment. Whether it’s practicing one mindful breath, or one mindful step, it is possible to remain calm and centered as we interact and connect with loved ones.  Practicing mindfulness can also support our overall well-being and help us to appreciate positive parenting moments.

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MARS–PC (Mindful Awareness & Resilience Skills for Parents and Caregivers)

Mindful Awareness & Resilience Skills for Parents and Caregivers (MARS-PC) is a virtual course for parents and caregivers whose children are accessing care and support through BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH).

Programs for Youth

Mindfulness can help you manage stress and pain and enhance your overall well-being and physical and mental health.  It’s a tool you can use anytime, anywhere.  Let’s try it together.

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MARS–A (Mindful Awareness & Resilience Skills for Adolescents)

Mindful Awareness & Resilience Skills for Adolescents (MARS-A) is an eight-week course for adolescents age 15-19 experiencing psychological distress. There are eight 90-minute afternoon virtual or in-person sessions and one optional three-hour in-person weekend session. This skills-based group is based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for coping with stress, illness and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for coping with depressive symptoms.