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Research Team

The BCCH Centre for Mindfulness research lab conducts original innovative research as well as supports other research and clinical teams across the hospital and beyond with incorporating mindfulness research into their work.

Research themes

Interpersonal mindfulness

Mindfulness for parents and caregivers of sick children

Mindfulness in new parents and perinatal mental health

Mindfulness and early child development

Digital health

Mindfulness for teens and youth

Peer-reviewed publications (selected papers)

Tabi K, McGregor M, Hippman C, Wang S, Bhullar M, Shulman B, Dueck R, Ryan D, Stewart SE (in preparation). Mindfulness and relationships in families affected by postpartum depression and anxiety: pilot study of online mindfulness groups.

Gill H, Hanft-Robert S, Hippman C, Nugent L, Nováček O, Kamel MM, Ryan D, Demlova R, Krausz M, Tabi K.  (under review). Recommendations for a future mobile app for people accessing services: Qualitative interviews with psychiatrists.

Vo DX, Tabi K, Bhullar M, Johnson A, Locke J, Wang S, Stewart SE, Marshall S. (2024). Mindful Awareness and Resilience Skills for Adolescents (MARS-A): A Mixed-Methods Study of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for a Heterogeneous Adolescent Clinical Population. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health. 36(1). 

Scoten O, Tabi K, Paquette V, Carrion P, Ryan D, Radonjic NV, Whitham E, Hippman C. (2024). Managing Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Perinatal Period. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

Tabi, K., Bhullar, M., Fantu, L., Shulman, B., Dueck, R., Hippman, C., Ryan, R. & Stewart, S. E. (2022). Protocol: Feasibility of online mindfulness-based interventions for families affected with postpartum depression and anxiety: study protocol. BMJ Open, 12(9). 

Meet the Team

Dr. Evelyn Stewart
Research Director
Dr. Katarina Tabi
Research Fellow
Maya McGregor
Research Coordinator


If you would like to learn more about our work or contribute to our research as a collaborator, or team member, please contact us at